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December 29, 2012
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"You idiot! Why can't you be more gentlemanly?!" England yelled at America.

______ rolled her eyes. Here we go again, she lamented. Why did England have to be so anal? Sure, America was ... immature at times, but that's what made him! Geez, you'd think he'd realize that already; he raised him, after all.

Besides, ______ had never seen this gentleman side England was so proud of. The whole time she'd known him, he'd never done a single gentlemanly thing. And that pissed her off more.

"Dude, chill." America chuckled, anime sweat on his head.

"I will not 'chill'!" England fumed. "I raised you better than that! You need to grow up or the other countries will never warm up to you!"

"I raised you better than that." _______ mimicked under her breath. England's ears perked up.


Ooh, this will be fun.

"Yeah, I do." she simply stated, rather humorously compared to England's outburst.

"Go on, then!"

"Honestly, I think you're a hypocrite."

The males' jaws dropped.

"I mean, sure, you might be more mature than America," she continued, "but you're no gentleman either."

"I... I am so a gentleman! A perfect one, in fact!"

"Oh really? Because I can't recall a single gentlemanly thing you've ever done. But I remember you were a pirate. Oh! And a punk too!" she smirked. "Now, they're no gentlemen, are they?"

Steam flowed from England's ears, as if he was a little teapot. _____ felt bad for upsetting him so much, but damn, it was fun!

"I'll show you!" He promised, walking up to her. She refused to show her nervousness.

"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do?"

England suddenly returned the smirk, before walking away calmly.

"Uh... What just happened?" America asked.

"I'm uh... Not sure." _______ admitted.

Later that night, _____ was curled up on her favorite couch, reading her favorite book. She'd just gotten comfy when...


She groaned, getting up to answer it.

Her mouth dropped when she saw who it was.

It was England, dressed to the nines, with a lovely bouquet of (favorite color) flowers in his hand.

"A-Arthur? What are you doing?" she stammered, flustered by the rather handsome tsundere in front of her.

"W-well," He coughed, looking away. "Tonight, we're going to go on a date. And I'm going to be a perfect gentleman."

Oh wow. She'd forgotten that incident earlier today... But even if she remembered, she wasn't expecting this.

Admittedly though, she did have a thing for the Brit, so it's not like this was unwanted.

"O-oh... But I'm not dressed properly."

England smirked, deciding to turn on the charm. "Well, I think you look lovely." he stated. "But if you really want to change, go ahead."

_______ knew he was just trying to butter her up, but she couldn't help being flustered by the compliment.

"U-um... Okay... Thanks." she said, motioning for him to come inside. He sat on the couch while she went to her room.

________ went through her wardrobe, looking for something really nice.

"Love, we're just going to my place. You don't have to get too dressed up."

While ______'s heart fluttered at the pet name, her face heated up in anger at the rest of it.

"Then why the hell are you dressed up?!" she snapped.

He chuckled. "I don't know; I guess I just like it. Don't you?"

Oooh, did she ever. He knew she did! He must be trying to mess with my head, she thought.

"I guess, on you at least. But I'm not really into that sort of thing."

"That's too bad; I bet you'd look gorgeous."

"HERE WE GO!" ______ shouted, a little louder than she meant to because his compliment caught her off guard.

"Great, love. I can't wait to see you!"

____ groaned. "Are you gonna be like this all night?"

"What, honest? Yes."

Huh. Okay. Two can play that game.

"Aww, you're too kind!" She cooed. "Though I doubt I'll look as good as you. "

______ could hear his breath hitch. "D-don't be so modest! There's a reason you're called 'the fairer sex'."

Damn. She couldn't think of a comeback.

"I-I suppose..." she conceded. But he'd only won the battle; not the war.

She came out of her room, now all dolled up, and put on her best cute face

"H-how do I look?" She asked timidly. She was faking of course, but England took the bait, becoming nervous himself.

"Wow… you look beautiful." He said, his confidence coming back to him. __________ smiled, but growled on the inside. How long was he going to keep this.

"Thank you, kind sir."  She said, simultaneously curtseying and dying on the inside because of it.

"I'm only stating the truth." He smiled, walking up to her and taking her hand. "Shall we?"

"We shall!"

When they got to the car, England opened her car door first. Gag. thought ________, but she gave a strained smile and got in anyway. When he opened her door for her once they reached his house, she had similar sentiments.

But then they got into the house, ______ was humbled. England house was never ugly; he usually kept it rather nice. But tonight… it was beautiful!  She was wondering how he could possibly consider going to his house a date, but now that she saw it…

Then she noticed something that made her stomach flip. And not in a good way. England was leading her to the dining room! He was going to force her to eat his God awful cooking! That was bad enough, but there was no way she'd be able to keep kissing up to him if she had to eat that crap!

"Something wrong?" He asked.

"Huh? O-oh, no! I'm fine!" She assured him. He smiled.

"Good. I wouldn't want you to get sick before we have a chance to eat!" He said proudly. ____________ wanted to cry.

Just as she almost did though, they made it to the kitchen.  And much to her surprise, everything looked really good… the food included!

"Wow…" She admitted.

"Nice, right?" He stated proudly before whispering in her ear. "Don't tell anyone, but uh… I had that frog help me."

Wow; this guy worked with one of his worst enemies just to make a decent meal for her?

"I…don't know what to say…" And really, she didn't. That was such a selfless gesture, especially for him. She feared he'd win this thing after all.

As expected, the meal was amazing. She couldn't deny that. She thought that'd be the end of it.

"So… I guess you'll be taking me home now?" She asked.

"Not just yet. Come on, I want to show you something." He urged, leading her outside.

Did you know heels and grass didn't mix?  Because ________ sure didn't. Until she nearly fell flat on her face.  England caught her though, and carried her bridal style to wherever the hell he was taking her.

Finally, he sat down, leaning against a tree and keeping her on his lap.

"Look up." He told her. And when she did her eyeballs nearly disconnected from their sockets.

It was breathtaking. Stars upon stars upon stars quite literally filled the night sky, giving light where clearly man had been negligent. _________ had heard about what a difference lack of light pollution makes, but she'd never seen it with her own two eyes…

She would've continued gaping, but she heard a voice say something, snapping her out of her daze.

"What?" She asked. Why was England's face so red?!

"I…" He started, brushing hair out of her face. "I love you, ___________."

That was the line.

"H-how dare you lie about something like that?!" She yelled.


"Don't play dumb! I know you've just been trying to mess with my mind this whole time; trying to get back at me for earlier today. B-but to joke about love? That's really low! Especially since you know I…. I…." she couldn't bring herself to finish, so she tried taking off her heels so she could walk away. It was proving rather difficult through her blurry eyes.

" THAT'S what you think this is about?!"

"I don't think, I know ." She huffed, still struggling.

"Well, you're right about not thinking."

"Oh, so that's not why I'm here?"

"No, actually, it isn't."

"Then please, do tell me what the reason is."

"You daft woman! Did you ever stop to think maybe I really want to romance you?!" He covered his mouth as soon as the words came out, but it was too late.

"Y-you what?" She asked, not really believing what she heard.

"I… I'm not messing with your head. I really just wanted to romance you, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity."

"…So… you really do love me?"


____________ couldn't hold the urge to kiss him any longer. He didn't immediately respond, due to shock, but eventually he kissed her back.

"I love you too." She told him, big, cheesy smile on her face.

"Y-yeah… I figured…" He joked. She rolled her eyes.

"It's late. I really should get home." She said reluctantly before smiling. "Carry me back to the house?"

He smiled back at her. "Sure thing."  He picked her up bridal style once again and began walking back.

A thought occurred to ________, and a new devious smile formed on her face. "Hey, Arthur?"

"Yes, love?"

"I don't think gentlemen are supposed to kiss on the first date."

"… Don't make me drop you."
SO MUCH FLUFF!!!!!!!!!!!

I know England is a little OOC, but that's part of the plot, so deal with it :iconpoutplz:

this is commision number 2 for :iconanimeleadervi: commisions are still open, so check out this journal [link] for details if you want one.

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the story!

Edit: So yeah, guys. I'm on the front page again, and junk... >///<
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