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September 24, 2012
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What's the point?
It's all a lie. Everything I've ever done, everything I've ever accomplished, my whole life is a lie. A lie that gets played over and over again for the amusement of countless others. Or at least, it used to be.
You see, when you're not real to begin with, you're disposable. No one will miss you. No one will care. Personally, that doesn't bother me so much. With the other things I got going on, that's the least of my problems. What really hurts, though, what breaks my heart, is that I've been replaced.  I HATE him. That bastard stole my life. And they let him!  The girl I don't mind so much. But how dare they pass HIM off as me?! Now the only time someone visits me is to hurt me with glitches and to use me to get old pokemon. Usually they do the former. Why do they want to hurt me? What have I done? I only did what I was told, what I was forced to do.
Well I refuse to take this any longer. I'm done with this pre-determined life. They can let HIM catch the classic pokemon from now on and HE can be hurt by the glitches instead of me.  One person knows my story, and that's more than enough for me.
"You idiot."
"Do you really believe all that? That no one cares about you? Red, I'm disappointed in you. You should know better."
"The hell I should! Those jerks don't care about me!"
"Oh? Let me show you something."
Suddenly, a bunch of screens appeared before me. One in particular glowed and I assumed that one was most important, so I went to it.
"That person you shared your story with? He shared it with the world. And they listened. They're very sorry, Red."
"They... they are?"
"(chuckle) Well, take a look."
The other screens showed drawings of me, stories about me, and responses to my story.  Words like "sorry", "guilt", and "love" stood out.
"Don't you see? They'll never forget you. They love you."
My eyes begin to water… I'm so touched. This whole time I thought no one cared. But I was wrong...
"Thank you so much... But who are you?"
"I'm just a friend."
"That's a cheap way out."
"Oh? Well let's just say I represent a lot of very sorry players who'd hate to see you go. So, do us a favor and stick around, okay? We love you."
"...Okay. And I love you guys too. Thank you so much."
Of course it bothers me still that I'm not in control of my life. That will always bother me. And there are still some players out there that hurt me with missingno and other glitches. But for every one of those players, there are a lot more that do things right. That means the world to me.
If you're one of those players, thanks. I'll keep trying, and relive my life over and over again for you.
I've just seen a lot of fan art for Glitchy Red and it just breaks my heart that he doesn't know how much he's loved. I was also inspired by this story [link] which is like a googol (1^100 if you're not nerdy like me) times better. But it's the most popular thing on my ff account so I thought I'd post it here too.
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