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December 11, 2012
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Today was turning out to very boring for Arthur.  Even with his usually entertaining girlfriend ___________ over, this day was turning out to be boring.

Of course, perhaps if said girlfriend was paying more attention to him rather than… whatever the hell she was looking at on her laptop, that might help things a little bit.

"Remind me why I invited you over again?" He asked, annoyed.

"You tell me." Was your oh-so-concerned reply.

An anime vein popped on Arthur's head and he growled. "Gee, I don't know. Maybe I just wanted to spend time with my girlfriend. You know, without her laptop?"

You groaned and rolled your eyes, which didn't leave the computer screen. "Look, I promise I'll give you my full attention in just a few minutes, okay? I just wanna finish reading this comic."

"You're ignoring me to read a webcomic?"

"Hey, you've ignored me to read books. In fact, why don't you go read one now?"

Arthur was not having this, not in his own home. You were going to give him your full attention, and you were going to give it to him now.

Since you were so distracted with what was on the screen in front of you, you made absolutely no notice when he snuck up behind you. You were unaware of the scheming glare he was burning into the back of your head. And you completely missed his hands slowly making their way to your head until…

He was scratching it.

Instantly, you leaned back into the touch, with a half-hearted frown on your face. "Arthur~", you whined "Ahhhhh……stop! That's not fair!"

Yes, in the course of your dating, Arthur had learned that the top of your head was a weak spot for you.  Scratching your head was how Arthur got pretty much everything he wanted. It was how he won fights, got you to forgive him after said fights, sometimes he even used it to get you in the mood.

Right now, though, he just wanted you to pay attention to him, not your comic.

"Life's not fair love," He said smugly as his other hand went to scratch your back, another weak spot for you.  Just like a dog… he thought.

"Mmm... Arthuuuur, please!" You whined, hunching your back. "I just want to read…"  

"No, this is our time together. Now, close the laptop…"

You whined again and did what he said. Arthur stopped scratching your head and your back and the flustered look left your face, quickly replaced with a scowl.

"What?!" He asked, annoyed that you weren't being as submissive as he'd hoped.

"If you value your life, you will continue scratching me." You told him in a dead serious tone.

The blood drained from Arthur's face as he now obeyed your orders.

Slowly approaching Arthur's house now was Alfred. He too, had become bored, and was hoping he could hang out with Arthur and… I don't know, beat him at video games or something? Anything was better than just doing nothing.

He raised a hand to knock the door, but a groan stopped him.

"Ah~! Arthur, yes! Right there!"

"D-don't be so loud, git!"

"I can't help it; it feels amazing!"

Alfred stood frozen in place for second, before lowering his hand and walking away.

Maybe Matthew was free.
:iconotlplz: Please forgive me for this garbage. I desperately needed to write something stupid and crackish to get rid of my sad feels.
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