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December 14, 2012
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Ah, the last day of summer break. A bittersweet day for most, a time for last hurrahs, parties, and whatnot.

Today for me though, was filled with nothing but joy. My summer vacation had pretty much sucked; all I did was go to one birthday party. One party! Don't get me wrong, I had fun and all. But when my summer vacation promised so much more fun, like my dad taking me out of the country for the first time in my life, a party seems pretty small.

I don't like to sound spoiled, but I've been bothered by this quite a bit. I've stayed up late thinking about it, nearly shed some tears over it... It's occupied  my mind a lot, to put it simply. I was going to college tomorrow, for Pete's sake! This should be the best break ever!

But today...  Today was going to be different! My best guy friend, Arthur, was taking me to spend the day with him at a renaissance fair.

I don't know what it is about this time period that fascinates me so much. I think it may have started when I went to Medieval Times, a dinner and a show place where you watch knights fight for the hand of a princess. It sounds cheesy, but it's very entertaining.
Since my first trip there (yes, that means there were others), I've just been fascinated with the era.

So naturally when Arthur came to me with this opportunity, I jumped at it. And I must say, my love for the time period only grew.

First, we saw a mud show. These guys killed me;  Trojan condom jokes,  kissing members of the audience after being covered in mud... I was rolling. This may have been my second favorite part of this whole trip. The first part we'll get to later.

We then looked at the various shops they had. I found a necklace with a (zodiac sign) symbol that I just had to have. Arthur was actually nice enough to buy it for me! Bless his heart! 

After a little more wandering, we got hungry and ate. I'm sort of a picky eater, so the food I chose was a little more current than the times; chilli cheese fries. There were a lot; I couldn't eat them all! But it was a decent meal. I can't remember what Arthur got, but knowing his tastes it was probably gross.

Arthur then dragged me to... Some store with witchcraft and whatnot.

"You're so weird, Arthur." I teased.

"S-shut up!" he stammered.

If I had to guess, I'd say this store was his favorite part. I swear, if he could, he would've bought the whole damn store. But he settled for what he could carry.

Then we went to a petting zoo... Or at least I did. Arthur refused to get in, something about it being juvenile and gross. Whatever. He missed out on petting a lemur. Have you ever pet those things? They are SO SOFT! Seriously. I couldn't get over how soft it was!

It was then that we came across what I can best describe as the love child between a dunk tank and the stocks. There was an ornery middle aged man shouting insults at people that paid to throw tomatoes at him. Much to my surprise, Arthur decided to give it a shot. Of course the guy made a joke about Arthur's eyebrows, causing him to miss.

"Don't listen to him, Arthur! You got this!" I cheered. The man laughed.

"That's a cute girlfriend you got there, eyebrows!"

Another miss. Both our faces turned bright red.

"S-she's not my girlfriend!" Arthur stuttered.

"Oh, really? In that case, give me a call, sweetie!"

I fought back the urge to vomit as Arthur froze in place, face now as red as the tomato in his hand.

"Not that I don't think I couldn't take her from you." The man continued. "Why sick with you when she could have a real man like-"

The man was cut off  by a tomato hitting him directly in the face. With a smug smile, Arthur dusted off his hands and walked away like a boss.

Since the topic of Arthur and I being together was brought up, I guess I should mention the thought has crossed my mind. But that's natural, right? It's what happens when you're friends for a while. And Arthur is pretty handsome...

I shake the thought for now.

We go to an archery next. I suck at archery, So I'm not so thrilled with this. Arthur gets a good laugh out of my failure though.

"Look," he says,  standing close behind me. He takes my hands in his, lifting the bow and arrow up.

"You shoot like this." he tells me, having me release the arrow. Perfect shot.

We stayed like that for a second, looking at each other. Then I backed away.

"I'm uh... Gonna go check out the other stuff." I said.

"R-right. See you."

Now we come to my favorite part of this trip; the wind chimes. I don't care if you think I'm lame or silly or whatever for that being my favorite part, you just don't understand.

The experience was poetic. The wind was subtle, but it hit the collection of wind chimes with just the right amount of force, causing them to create a harmonious song. I was disarmed; my body relaxed so much I'm surprised I could even stand. Never in my life have I felt so calm, so at peace, so... In tune with the world. I can't describe the experience in a way that would do it justice.

"It's really pretty, isn't it?" a voice said, breaking me out of my near trance like state. It was Arthur.

"That's an understatement," I told him. I was so happy to be sharing this beautiful moment with him, and that he seemed to share my appreciation. 

"You're right." he said, smiling. God, I loved his smile... 

Huh. I'd never used "love" to describe anything I felt for Arthur before. 

"I wish this fair lasted more than one day." I said wistfully.

"Me too..." he sighed.

"In fact, I wish I could visit this actual time period; even if it's just for a few days."

He seemed surprised. "______... do you really mean that?"


There was a pause.

"Hey, ______. close your eyes."

"Huh? Why?"

"Just... Do it, okay?" 

Why was my heart pounding? "Okay..." I obeyed.

Was he going to kiss me? Why did I want him to? This atmosphere was getting to me; that had to be it. I wasn't... in love with him, right?

Arthur didn't seem to get closer, but he started mumbling something, and through my closed eyelids I could see light, like when you can see the sun with your eyes closed... But the sun's not green, right?

I felt Arthur approach me and my heart went into hyperdrive. Stupid organ, knock it off! You don't lo-

Arthur was kissing me.

Arthur was kissing me. 

Why was he kissing me?!

Why was I kissing him back?!

Damn it all; I guess I do love him...

With that realization, everything went dark.
That's right, I started a new series! :D it might take a while for updates since I wanna be historically accurate ^^;

Anyway, enjoy this part!
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