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December 22, 2012
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You were an idiot.

Those reports on the news warning of a blizzard? You ignored them. The lack of snow the past few years had caused you to lose your faith in winter and storms.

So like a fool, you went over to your dear friend Arthur's house today.

You stayed for a good few hours, but uh... you started to get hungry. And you'd heard the rumors about his cooking. Added to the fact that it was getting late and it was rather improper for you to stay so late a guy friend's house.... Well it just seemed like a good time to leave

But when you happened to open the door, you discovered the news report was right! The entire ground was covered in snow that came up to your knees. That you even got the door open was a miracle.

Arthur, who was seeing you to the door like a good host, gaped at the scene.

"You know, _______, you can always stay the night here..." He offered.

Your stomach told you it wasn't having that shit. It let out a loud growl, much to your embarrassment.

"N-no, that's okay!" you assured him. "I'll be fine!"

With that, you staggered out the door into the snow walked out the best you could.

... Until a huge gust of wind took you and sent you flying.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Arthur, help meeeee!" you cried.

Arthur turned around and his jaw dropped. By this point you were team-rocket-is-blasting-off -again-distance; he could barely see you!

But he took a wand out of God knows where and pointed in your direction, shouting, "ACCIO!"

Suddenly, you were back in his house, though you continued to scream for a bit.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....hhhh?" you peeped open an eye. You were safe! You pulled Arthur into a hug.

"Oh, I don't know what you did, but thank you so much!"

"Uh... Yeah, sure!" he said, sounding a little nervous. He didn't hug you back, which you found a bit weird.

You let go, smiling up at him

"So, it looks like I'm staying here after all, huh?"

"Heh, yeah..."

Your heart skipped a beat. In addition to being a good friend of yours, Arthur was someone you'd been crushing on for years. Staying the night with him was certainly a promising idea.

Of course, since you didn't know if he returned your feelings, you had to be careful. You'd hate to scare the boy off and get sent flying in the blizzard again!

So you put on your best poker face as you sat next to him on the couch. He smiled at you, causing you to look away and blush.

"S-so…" You started.

"Yeah…" he trailed off.

Well this wasn't totally awkward.

You decided to suck it up and be just a little bit bitchy to get things going.

"This is borrrrrrrrrrrring!" you whined. Much to your surprise, Arthur didn't look angry or annoyed, but sad. You wondered why…

"O-oh… I'm sorry." He mumbled.

Awwww! He was such a sweetie! You couldn't resist jumping him and giving him another hug.

"Aw, ish okay Artie~!" you chirped. This time you he hugged you back, though you did hear him sigh. Huh. Weird.

"R-right. Um… we could watch some movies, if you like…"

"Ooooh! Do you have 'home alone'?"

He looked offended. "W-why would I have that movie?!"

"Uh, because it's a classic?"

"Well I never liked it."

Your jaw dropped. "What's not to like about a smart little boy making two burglars his bitches?"

"I have my reasons, alright?!"

When Arthur got that tone and that facial expression, it usually had something to do with his younger brother Alfred, who he wasn't really on good terms with anymore. You wondered what the connection was, but didn't press the issue. You knew better than that.

"Um… well, okay. Do you have anything else you wanna watch?"

"How about-"

Suddenly, the house went dark.

"Oh great!" You cried.

Arthur just groaned. "Hold on." He said, reaching into his pocket…you think. It was hard to tell. "lumos!" And there was light.

There was that wand again.

"You're a wizard." You deadpanned. He laughed nervously.

So you two resigned yourself to idle conversation.

"So… you get any Christmas shopping done yet?"

"Yeah, most of it." Yawn.

"You can't seriously be tired already."

"I always feel sleepy when I'm cold."

"Oh! Right!" He said, taking out the wand yet again. He pointed at his fireplace. "Incendio!" he said.

And then there was fire.

"Cool!" You said, scooting closer to the fire.

"I can get a blanket too, if you're still cold."

"That'd be nice, thanks."

Arthur left, wand still in hand, and made his way to another room. You got back on the couch, letting your mind wander.

I can't help thinking about how romantic this is… You thought. Hey, this could be my big chance!

It was at that point Arthur came back in the room.

"Oh, you got back on the couch."

"Yeah, I figured since you were getting a blanket and all..."

He shrugged, and handed the blanket to you. Yay!  It was big enough for two people!

Yay again! Arthur was shivering!

"H-hey, Arthur… You wanna share?" You offered.

Arthur's face suddenly turned bright red. "Uh… I-I'm fine, thank you!"

You growled. "No, you're not. Here." You put the blanket over the both of you.

"Better?" You asked.

"Y-yeah, I guess…"

You prayed his sudden awkwardness was a good thing as you bravely asked your next question.

"You know," He started, cutting you off before you could even start. "We could snuggle together… if you want."

How did he know that's what you wanted? Oh, you certain now. He had to have the same feelings for you!

You crawled over towards him, and he actually opened his arms for you! This was so unlike him! Then again, he did read all those romance novels… (don't tell him I told you that, okay?)

You went along with it, sighing happily as you made yourself comfortable on his chest.

"C-comfy?" He stuttered.

"Yeah." You purred, listening to his heart. Poor thing was racing. Yep, he definitely liked you.

"Good." He said. You could hear the smile in his voice.

You two sat like that for a moment, enjoying each other's company, before you felt him take a deep breath and lift your chin up lightly.


Now it was your heart's turn to race. "Y-yes?"

He couldn't bring himself to answer you, so he gently brushed some hair out of your face before leaning down and gently kissing your lips.

YOU KNEW IT! You did a victory dance in your head as you kissed him back.

He seemed relieved that you did this when he pulled away, as he smiled at you. Not a nervous smile either, a real one.

"I'm guessing you like me too?" He asked.

"Nah." You teased. Being Arthur, he naturally appreciated your sarcasm. He laughed a little.

He blushed. "S-so… I don't know any other way to phrase this, but… will you be mine?"

You laughed. "How about 'will you go out with me'? That's what regular people say."

This sent him into tsundere mode. "G-git! You would go and ruin the moment by-"

You cut him off with another kiss.

"Okay, okay, Artie. I'll 'be yours'."

He smiled again. "Now that's more like it!"

With that, you two fell into a peaceful sleep in each other's arms.
I got the idea for this from APH-Best-Readers contest... but I probably won't enter it because idt it'll win ^^; I'm still kind of proud of it though!

Hope you guys enjoy!
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Team Rocket: Jesse, James, AND MEOWTH, THAT'S THE NAME!
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Hagrid: Your a wizard, Artie!
Me: *whispers* I spotted Aragog, again. Ronnie's gonna have a heart attack of he sees him~
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Me: Guess what? Your a country, Arthur!
Arthur: You don't think I knows that, you bloody git?
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