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November 14, 2012
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________________ was bored out of her mind. Her big house felt so empty without her wonderful Italian boyfriend in it… Or maybe just saying her Italian boyfriend in it would be more accurate.

_________ had feelings for her boyfriend, Lovino, for a very long time. He didn't return her feelings at first and as a matter of fact, he found her kind of annoying. But when it seemed like she had given up and was leaving him alone, he realized he had fallen for her too and asked her out in the most tsundere way possible…

"H-hey… " Lovino stated, face red and refusing to look at her.

"Hey," she said dully, too sad to pay him much attention.

"So, I've noticed you haven't been uh… stalking me as much lately."

"Yeah, and? It's not like you liked it or anything…"

"Well, that's the thing… I've been thinking about you a lot, and I realized… I kind of did."

_______'s eyes widened. "Y-you what?"

"I miss you, idiota!" He yelled. "I miss you stalking me, you hugging me, your stupid adorable voice…" he shook his head. "I think I might like you, and stuff. S-so do you wanna go out or something?"

____________ stared at him with tears in her eyes. Just as he was about to ask what was wrong, she glomped him and screamed "Sì! Sì! Certo che sì!"

He blushed at her accent using his language. He hated to admit it, but it was adorable…

That was about a year ago, but very little has changed between their relationship. He never said he loved her, he rarely kissed her, and for the most part, he still treated her like his stalker.
And now he was gone on another business trip or something of the sort, in his home country, leaving her alone to miss him, and to wonder if their relationship was worth it.

She sighed. I wonder if he's thinking of me too… probably not.

__________ was actually wrong. Lovino was thinking about her, in fact, he had been thinking about her a lot. Contrary to what the potato eater thought, he wasn't an idiot. He was more than aware that ________ was probably on the verge of leaving him, but instead of trying to fix it, he was ruder to her than usual, more distant. And he left her alone a lot, claiming it was for business. This wasn't always a lie but it was more often than not.

He didn't mean to be so mean to her. He actually loved her with all his heart! In fact, he was thinking about proposing to her… but there was no way she'd yes. Not with the way he treated her. There wasn't that much love in the world.

"Hey big brother!!!!" His younger brother Feliciano yelled, jerking him out of his thoughts.

"What?" He responded grumpily.

"You know how you told me you were having trouble with _________?"

"Y-yeah, what of it?!" He growled.

"Well I saw this commercial and I thought maybe you could do the same thing! I bet _____________ would love it!"

He sighed at his brother's stupidity. "Feli, you idiot! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life!"

"But you haven't even seen it yet! It's so sweet ~! Come on Lovi, give it a shot, please?"

Lovino rolled his eyes but agreed. I guess if there's any chance that it'll help me with _________, it's at least worth a shot, he thought.

Back home, _________ was sitting by the window watching the rain fall. Normally she liked the rain, but it seemed to mock her today. If she didn't know any better, she'd think mother nature enjoyed trolling her.

She had done a lot of soul searching and decided this relationship wasn't worth it. She loved Lovino, but he clearly didn't love her, and there was no point in trying to force it.

Almost as if on cue, she got a picture message from Romano. Instantly another came in. Then another. Then one more. That's really weird… she thought.

She opened up the first message. It was a picture of him, big uncharacteristic goofy smile on his face, hands pressed together like he was praying, next to a sign with the word "Will" written on it.

Um… okay? She thought, moving on to the next picture.

This one was a picture of the top half of his head looking up to the word above him, "You".

Oh god… he's not… he can't be…

Heart pounding a little, she moved to the next picture. It was a picture of the side of his face pointing to the word "Mary". Yeah it was the wrong spelling but she really didn't give a fuck right now as her heart leaped with joy.

He… he is!

Even though she didn't need to, she moved on to the next picture. And as she predicted, the final word was "Me", which actually "men" –As in men's restroom, which the sign was for- but Lovino had covered up the n with his hand. What a dork.

But he was her dork. Now and forever, it seemed.

____________ stood in a daze for a moment, a big goofy smile on her face, before wiping the tears from her eyes so she could dial his number. Eventually, she was able to choke out a request to be asked in person.  This made Lovino nervous, but when he ended the conversation by saying "I love you" and she returned it, he simply became eager.

Of course as soon as he got home, he couldn't even finish his proposal before she glomped him, tears in her eyes, and said "Sì! Sì! Certo che sì!"
Okay, this isn't the RomanoxReader story I promised my viewers. This is a request for :iconmuggle13: it's my first time writing for Romano so I'm really sorry if I didn't do well or if he's OOC. If he is please tell me now because I got two more Romano stories I gotta do T-T

The commercial this is based off of this [link] I think it's fucking adorable.
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