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December 6, 2012
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You shivered, waiting out in the cold for the person on the other side to answer.

"Arthur! Let me in~" you whined.  You heard a groan and footsteps approaching the door.

"Hello, _______________. What brings you here?" He asked, sounding slightly annoyed.

"It's Christmas eve, silly! I promised to spend it with you remember?"

He blushed. Was that really today?! "And I thought I told you don't bother." He said, not trying to be rude but doing so anyway. "I told you I don't do much for this holiday…"

You looked around his house. Boy, he wasn't kidding! You saw no sign of any kind of Christmas decorations.  It was as if the holiday was non-existent in his house.

"You should be grateful I came!" You scolded.  "Your house is so gloomy! Where are your decorations?"

Apparently, the words "I don't do much for this holiday" weren't registering in your head. "I haven't put them up, obviously."

"Why nooot?"

"Because I'm just not in the Christmas spirit. I haven't been since…" He paused, an extremely sad look in his eyes.

"Since…?" You encouraged.

"Since Alfred left. I never got much company during the holidays. Alfred was the only person who spent it with me…. So I just don't really celebrate anymore. I don't see a reason to."

Tears threatened to spill from your eyes. You loved England with all your little heart, and the thought of him being alone on Christmas for years and years hurt you almost as bad as it probably hurt him. You'd already had some idea of this; that's why you were here. But if you'd known it was this bad…

You swallowed the lump in your throat before cheerily responding, "Hey! What am I, chopped liver?"

He seemed startled. "N-no, that's not what I…"

"I'm just messing with you, Artie~ " You said, letting out a loud laugh almost reminiscent of a certain American's. "Tell you what; you let me help you decorate, and I'll spend every Christmas Eve and Christmas day with you from now on. How does that sound?"

He blushed at this. You didn't know it, but he reciprocated your feelings. And he had to admit, spending every Christmas Eve/Day with you made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Of course, being the tsundere he was, he couldn't just come out and say that.

"Y-you don't have to do that…" he stammered.

"Aww but I want to, Iggy! (cue him growling at the nickname) I hate the thought of you being forever alone on Christmas!"

He rolled his eyes. "Forever alone? Really?"

"Sorry, when I hear sad stuff I automatically go into joking mode." You said, scratching the back of your head.
England facepalmed at this before mumbling something.

"Huh?" You asked.

"I said 'fine'! You can help me decorate, and stuff."

"Yay!" You cheered, hugging him tight.

"Git! Get off me!" He commanded, trying to get free.

"But I love you!" You said, not meaning for those words to slip so easily out of your mouth. You hoped he didn't think you meant it.

When he briefly stopped struggling after you said that, you worried maybe he did. But then he managed to pry you off.

"D-don't go saying stuff you don't really mean!" he scolded, face bright red.

Whew! You thought to yourself.

"So uh… should we start with the tree?" You asked, purposely not responding to that statement.

"Y-yeah, that sounds fine." He said.

"Lead the way~" You replied cheerfully. He walked in front of you, glad you missed the disappointed look on his face.

-Time skip to the decorations all finished –

"Wow! It's so beautiful!" You cried, looking all around England's house in amazement.

"Yeah, we did a good job, huh?" England agreed.

"Mmmhm!" You said, smiling at him and causing him to blush. You took notice of this, much to his chagrin.

"Arthur, are you okay? You look a little red…" You asked.

"Huh? O-oh, yes! I'm fine, thank you!" He said in that loud boastful voice that always told you he was lying.

"Arthur…" You insisted.

"I'm fine, __________! Really!"

"Arthur, we've been having a great time; why ruin it by lying?"

"I'm not lying!"

You sighed. "Whatever. Are there any outdoor decorations?"

"N-no… this is it."

"Well, I guess I should get going then…" You mumbled. "Oh! I almost forgot, I got you something. Wait here, okay?"  You made your way outside.

England panicked. You got something for him? But he had nothing for you! He'd look like a total jerk if he didn't get you anything! What to do, what to do…

Then he remembered something.

Cue flashback to the day you planned to spend Christmas Eve with England!

"Okay, see you Christmas Eve!" You said, waving goodbye.

"Yeah, yeah." He groaned, trying not to let on how much he was looking forward to your visit. With that, he closed the door.

He didn't even make it a few feet away from it when he heard another knock. Rolling his eyes, he wondered if you forgot something. That would be just like you.

But it wasn't you when he answered the door. It was none other than France. Oh joy!

"What do you want, Frog?" He hissed.

"Ah, mon ami, please put your metaphorical claws away!" The Frenchman requested, putting his hands up to show he meant no harm. "Believe it or not, I am ere to elp you!"

"Doubtful." Was the Brit's unbelieving reply.

"It is true! You just made plans to spend Christmas with ________, non?" He asked.

"W-what of it?!"

"Listen, it's obvious you both love each other. So I thought I'd give you two a little… nudge in the right direction." He explained, handing him a little box.

England took it and then gave him a death glare. "I swear, if this is a condom…"

"Honhonhon! Not zis time! But if zings go well…"

"Wanker! Just go home, will you?!" He yelled.

"If you insist!" He laughed, leaving.

England closed the door. He eyed the box curiously before opening it.

Inside was artificial (or so he assumed) mistletoe.

He closed the box, face bright red.

"Git." He mumbled to himself

End of Flashback!

You'd made your way back into England's house.

"Here!" You said, handing your gift to him.

"T-thanks…" He mumbled.

"Don't mention it!"

He started to open his gift, but you stopped him.

"Ah ah ah! Not till tomorrow!" You told him teasingly. Again, his face turned bright red.

"R-right… ______, I have a gift for you too." He stammered.

"Really?" You said, eyes sparkling.

"Y-yeah… and I'd like to give it to you now, if you don't mind."

You shrugged. "I guess not."

"Okay… wait here then." He said, going up to his room. He took a deep breath and got the mistletoe, going back downstairs and hiding it behind his back.

"So what is it?" You asked impatiently.

"C-close your eyes…" He tried to order, but it came out like a really shy request. Still you obeyed.

He gulped before slowly leaning in, pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes popped wide open in shock. You stood there too stunned to do anything. He must have taken this as rejection because he quickly pulled away, face bright red.

"I- I'm so sorry!" He said. "It's just…" He motioned his head to the mistletoe he placed above you. "The mistletoe, s-see? If I…"

He was cut off by you kissing him this time. He reacted the same as you at first, but eventually he closed his eyes and returned the kiss.

You pulled away, a big goofy smile on your face. "You know, if you wanted to kiss me, you could've just said so. Or you could've just done it. You don't need a silly excuse like mistletoe."

"I-I know that!"

"Yeah, now you do."

"Whatever." He grumbled, looking away. You pulled him into a hug.

"I love you, Arthur."

He smiled, face still a bit red, and hugged you back. "I love you too, _______."
Just a little christmas fluff.

I was discussing ideas for this with :iconyahoolyafool: and she suggested maybe a lemon should be involved. I wanted to do it, but I felt like it would ruin the mood... plus I just wasn't feeling "lemony" today T-T. I could always make another part with one though, if you guys want?

oh and :iconcommentplz:
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