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November 3, 2012
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"Stupid bloody frog." England muttered to what appeared to be himself, looking as his reflection.
All that time he spent growing his hair long, trying to improve his looks, trying to impress everyone, but mostly her…

And now nobody would know.

"Aww don't be sad, Arthur!" Flying mint bunny chirped, trying to cheer him up.

"Yeah, we still think you look handsome!" One of his many fairy friends tried.

"And I'm sure _____ does too, if she really cares about you!" Another added.

"S-shut up! I wasn't doing this to impress ______!" England stuttered.

"Yeah you were!" Flying mint bunny insisted, the way one half of those "Did not!" "Did too!" battles children have sometimes go.

"I was not!"

"Then who were you trying to impress?"

He couldn't come up with an answer, pretty much confirming what his magical friends already knew. They would've continued had they not noticed the little girl advancing quickly in the distance.

"Arthur!" ______ yelled in excitement, glomping the little boy.

"___-______? What are you doing here?" He stammered, a little embarrassed. He was crushing on her big time, and being close to her like this made his little heart race.

"I've been looking all over for you! I missed you so much!"

"I haven't been gone that long..."

"I haven't seen you in six months!" ______ looked about ready to cry. He hated seeing her cry, but he had to admit.... she looked pretty cute.

He blushed harder. "S-sorry."

She smiled, letting him up. "It's okay. Where have you been?"

"I've been running from the church leader, trying to keep him from cutting my hair."

"What? Why?"


*Le time skip*

"That's kind of a funny story."

"Yeah, a real rib tickler." He deadpanned.

"But hey, you know what? I'm glad he cut your hair like this."

An anime vein popped on his head. "What the bloody hell for?"

"Because..." she paused, feeling bold. "I like the way you look right now."

His heart skipped a beat. "R-really?"

"Yep! I like you just the way you are!" she chirped, placing a small kiss on his cheek before running away giggling.

England stood in place, putting his hand on his cheek. After a second, he snapped out of it and chased after her.

"________! Wait up!"
Just a little fluff :3

This is likely how I would've reacted in that episode (the one where france cuts his hair.)

I guess this is a drabble :/ I hate drabbles, but that's how this ended up
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