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March 20, 2013
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“OH MY GOSH I’M SO SORRY!” ___________ cried as she turned her back covering her face.

“Y-you should be!” A very flustered Yao whined, quickly wrapping a towel around himself.

Today, ___________ got a good lesson in why it’s always you should always knock before entering a house. Yao had just gotten out of the shower, and appropriately, was naked. He was about to make the  short journey to his room to get his clothes, but was stopped in his tracks by the shriek of an intruder…

Guess it was a lesson for him too.

“I-I didn’t see anything, I swear!” ________ said. Well, nothing too bad… like his *cough* hidden dragon *cough cough* because luckily he had his back turned to her. She did see his ass though…. and there was something she was rather curious about.

Yao growled, making his way to his room. “Well, you should be!  Just… wait here. I’ll be out in a minute.”  

With that, he shut the door to his room. ________ awkwardly sat down on the couch and waited the object that caught her attention on her mind.

Was that… a tattoo?   she wondered.

Yao finally came out of his room, fully clothed and hair in his signature ponytail, face as red as his clothes. He took his seat next to ___________ and they both sat in silence.

“I um… made some tea aru. Would you like some? I’ll have to reheat it though…” Yao mumbled awkwardly.

“Uh, okay… thank you.” _____ replied just as awkwardly. Yao got up once again and went to the kitchen.

He didn’t notice _________ staring at his ass as he walked away.

It has to be… that can’t be natural

Yao came back with two cups of red tea, sitting down next to _____________ once again and taking his cup.

_________ however, didn’t take her cup. Her sight was fixed on Yao,  gaze filled with wonder and theories.

Yao put his cup down and finally noticed the girl staring at him. Face growing red once again, he coughed.

“Is something wrong, aru?” He asked, genuinely curious.

“Uh… it’s nothing….” _______ replied, shaking her head.

“________, you can tell me anything…”

“I know. But you… you might not wanna know this. Or um, you might not want me to ask.”

He smiled, blush going away juuuust a little bit. “Come on, I promise to not get upset.”

_________ gulped and began twiddling her fingers.  “Um… well… I did see something… you know, earlier?”

Yao’s blush returned. “Um, well yeah… I guess that’s expected.”

___________ nodded, happy he was keeping his word so far. “And um, I was wondering… why did you get a tattoo of a panda on your ass?”

He nearly fainted, but regained his composure, coughing yet again. “I… I didn’t. It is a birthmark aru.”






_________ bursted into laughter.

“I-it’s not funny!”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS? IT LOOKS JUST LIKE A PANDA! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!” _______ cried through her laughter.

Yao growled, picking up the girl and taking her to the door, dropping her at the entrance.

“See you later, __________.” He growled before closing the door on her.

___________ stopped laughing at the sound and looked up, bewildered.

“Hey~” she whined. “Yao? Let me in! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh!”

Yao didn’t let her back in that day.
This is canon. Swear to god it is. Look that shit up. Look at the description of China in the ChinaxReader section of CountryxReader.

That is why I did this.

:icontorakisara: deserves many more comissions from me, but she requested only one, and I decided this would be it. If you don't like it though, I'll be more than happy to make another ChinaxReader one shot for you! He deserves more love anyway.

China is OOC in this, but given the circumstances I think it's understandable... right?

BTW, THIS IS MY 100TH DEVIATION! :D :iconamericapartyhardplz:
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I wonder if the other Asian Countries know about his panda ass...but anyways great story!!
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Maybe >.> He took care of a lot of them so maybe accidentally? 

Thanks again!
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