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November 16, 2012
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"Hey, Mattie..." You said, trying not to giggle.

"Y-yes, ______?"

"Could you uh... Could you read off this list of words for me?"

Canada took the list of words of from you and looked over them. He looked confused. "These aren't difficult words or anything..." he thought to himself. But he figured he'd humor you .

If he only knew...

"About" he started, raising a brow at the giggling girl.

"Sorry." you said, answering his silent question. "Continue, please."

"Um... Okay. 'against'."

She chuckled a little louder at this. The usually patient Canadian was starting to get a little irritated, but you motioned for him to continue.

"Um... Lava?"

You broke, bursting out into a fit of laughter. Canada also broke.

"Now, just one minute, missy! What the heck is so gosh darn funny?!" he demanded, still using that gentle tone.

"Ha ha, I'm sorry, Mattie. It's just... Aha ha... Your accent! It's so cute!!"

Canada suddenly went from being angry to being embarassed. "c-cute?" he questioned.

"Yeah!" you chirped, finally calming down. "Just like you!"

"O-oh... Thanks... You know, I think you're pretty cute too, ______."

This time you were the flustered one, but you handled it better.

"Awwww, thank you Mattie!" you said, leaning to kiss his cheeks. But Canada moved at the last minute, causing you to accidentally kiss him.

Neither of you moved for a second, staring at each other with wide eyes and beet red faces. Finally though, Canada backed away.

"Wahhh! I'm so sorry, ______! I didn't mean to -"

You cut him off with another kiss.

"Aww Mattie!" you chimed "If you wanted to kiss me, why didn't you say so?"

Canada then proceeded to faint.

"Mattie?" you asked, waving a hand in front of his face. "You-who, Mattie?"


No response.

"Huh. I guess he couldn't handle all his feels..." you figured, walking away.
Wrote this because, Canada is adorable X3

And I do find Canadian accents kind of silly. I heard my Canadian English teacher say some of these and every time he did I would giggle. If you guys know any more, tell me and I'll add them!

(gasp) I forgot "Tomorrow"! :O
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"Huh. I guess he couldn't handle all his feels..."
:iconincomprehensionplz: :iconroflplz:
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How exactly does he pronounce the words?
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I'm reminded of E3 and I'm cringing
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